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We are experts and our employees are rich in long-standing practisethe amount of satisfied customers.
Despite of the fact that as a firm we have been on the market since 2011, we managed to gain the certificates AAA reliability for the years 2012 and 2013, ISO 9001 and 14001 certificate and also the certification of anti-corossion coating matters application by the companies Derisol and Hempel.

Contracts for which we are the proudest:

  • Jetting and coating of sand filters Teplárna ČB
  • Concrete jetting before rehabilitation of the power plant Prunéřov (EPRU)
  • PKO choking coil implementation
  • PKO pipeline implementation of power plant Martinice

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The company compound has an area of 100 000 m2. We are fully equiped by strong technical facilities especially by spraying booth of 12,5 x 50 meters. Our production capacity and space is sufficient for huge contracts realization in the surface treatment area.
The propositions of coating system are processed by our company beside the anti-corossive protection itself.
We use different kind of coating matters from the verified local production to reputable foreign one. The wide range covers the water diluted, synthetic, epoxide, polyurethane and specially required matters which could be suggested by us or supplied according to your demand.

The selection of that, what helps us work

  • High-pressure metallizing equipment powered by compressor (AtlasCopco a Kaeser, Dynajet)
  • Dynajet UHP 170 (high-pressure water jetting, 500–1 200 bar)
  • Haulage for transportation and transfer material and technology
  • The most modern measuring equipment for quality characteristics measurment and thickness of executed coatings
  • Extensive experience with various jetting technologies and metallization
  • The possibility of use the scaffoldings, platforms, ladders or mountaineering technique

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Stanislav Bartoš

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