Metal paintings

We will take care of high-quality metal paintings

Nátěry kovů proti koroziDifficult spraying and metal coating from over the scaffoldings, platforms, ladders or with use of mountaineering technique is no problem for us. We will provide the long lifetime metal coating thanks to our carefulness, knowledge and the suitable selection of coating materials in high quality.

The complex care of metals

Because of the fact that we do not like the compromises, the coating or spraying of the steel structures is always provided preserving the ideal technological procedure. The depth cleaning of base is a basic for high quality coating. We are ready to treat the surface suitably before the coating itself.
If there is a need, we will clean up the places covered with dust using the compressed air or brush, degrease or wash them by hot compressed water with detergent.
We also offer metal sand blasting for removing old paintings, rust or other imperfections.

The maximum added value

We use only the paints of respected producers such as Ameron, Derisol, Rembrandtin, Hempel or Jotun for metal coating. Maximum added value is quaranteed thanks to the combination of our knowledge, experience and consistency.
As a base coat is mostly used the epoxid paint. Less are used the paints with alkyd or zinc-silicate filmforming component. The final paints are always carefully checked. In case of inconvenient quality is the process repeated. When the required quality is reached, the place is cleaned by compressed air.

Not only for anticorrosive reasons

The final coating layer is chosen with respect to weather conditions influencing the surface. We also fulfill the requirements of the specific shade, gloss, health safety or resistance to chemical agents.
We are ready to comply even the most demanding requirements. You can contact us here.

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