Metal sand blasting

Modern certificated methods of the metal sand blasting

Pískování kovůThe basic preparation of the metal materials for further treatment is provided by us in the sand blasting cabin as well as using the mobile jetting unit at your place. The quality standard is Sa 2,5 (very accurate jetting according to the ČSN ISO 8501-1 standard).

Effectively and with regard to the material

There is used blast-furnace slag as an abrasive in the jetting cabin of 50x12x15 meters. We also offer metal sand blasting using the method of high-pressure siliceous sand blasting by mobile unit. This method is suitable especially for bridge, tunel or column metals sand blasting.

Our experts are willing to help with the choose of the appropriate method and particular jetting process. Feel free to contact us here.

The most frequent use of metal sand blasting

Our clients are mostly interested in:

  • steel structures
  • lorry/ truck structures,trailers
  • parts of the automobile technique
  • blacksmith´s products (small and art articles included)
  • banisters,staircases
  • columns and poles

We are also ready to ensure the metal sand blasting for very specific needs. Do not hesitate to contact us, together we will find the most appropriate solution also for you.

Extraordinary care in offer

The metal sand blasting treatment can differ. The level is measured by Sa parameter. Our service standard is Sa 2,5, which means according to the ČSN ISO 8501-1 standard „very careful jetting/blasting“. We are also able to provide the „visual clean surface jetting/ blasting“, the only one higher level Sa 3.

The right time for metal sand blasting

The metal sand blasting is the most suitable method how to remove old paint or rust. That is the reason why is the metal sand blasting recommended especially before the application of coating paint or heat spraying. It is not possible to guarantee quality of the further treatment without professional sand blasting.

Do not hesitate to contact our skilled experts in case you need more specific information or technical details – contact are available here.

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