Our services

  • Anticorrosive protection of technological devices
  • High-pressure water ray jetting 1200 bar
  • The jetting of steel structures and technological devices (sand blasting, grit blasting)
  • The paintings with all of the coating matters
  • Heat metallization
  • Haulage transport availability
  • Storing and packaging according to completing register

The Stamiva spol. s.r.o. company is fully ecquiped with all technological devices for relalization its own activities:

  • The jetting of the coating matters is provided with the high-pressure squirting equipment. Jetting is provided with AtlasCopco and Kaeser, Dynajet compressors. The high-pressure water ray jetting is done with the Dynajet UHP 170, 500 – 1200 bar range.
  • Jetting equipment (fixed and mobile)
  • Haulage material and technology transport
  • The latest measuring technique for measurment of the qualitative characteristics and thickness of the provided coatings
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