Metallization of metals

Effective protection against corrosion of metals

IMG_0313We will take care of significantly longer lifetime, better characteristics, appearance of steel structures, even also as a whole. We use the most modern technologies of metal metallization that satisfy the requirements for the highest quality.

The lifetime extending of the surfaces of structures and machines

The metal metallization (known also as schoop plating) is heat spraying on metal coats. The created layer protects the metal surface from humidity and oxygen. Thanks to this fact the metallization significantly contributes to protection of steel and other metals. Side by side the anti-corrosive protection the metallization also better the characteristics for specific use. Due to better resistance to other unfavourable effects is the lifetime of structures and machines severaltimes extended.

We will choose the suitable way of metallization, schoop plating

There are used two types of metal metallization for different purposes and specific needs:

  • Electrometallizing devices (lower cost)
  • Metallizing gas gun (more suitable for specific operations)

Thanks to this fact we are able to satisfy also really demanding requirements of metal metallizing including the work in difficult conditions and on places which are hard to reach.

Metal metallizing is provided with respect to modified material. We adapt ourselves to all your requirements. We are able to satisfy the demand for the most frequent zinc, copper or aluminium metallization as well as for less usual metal metallizing.

Connected services – metal sand blasting

There is a need to prepare every surface in the right way before the metallizing treatment itself. All the grease and oil needs to be removed but there is also a need to provide thorough metal sand blasting of Sa from 2,5 to 3 surface clean according to the ČSN ISO 8501 standard. We are ready to prepare surfaces and provide metal sand blasting for you. Complex range of services is in offer withnout involvement of subcontractors.

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